Services Provided

Business Start-Up Help & Advice

Let us turn your dreams to reality.

From Business Plan to Business Entity we offer advice as to presentation, preparation and structure.

Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company all have their advantages and disadvantages.

Let us guide you and your idea from concept to production.  It is very important that you choose the structure most effective to your needs.

We are able to offer practical comprehensive and understandable advice as to the pitfalls and thrills of being your own boss.


Raising Finance

We have experience in raising finance for all your business needs. We can advise on the mix and structure of financing required from Venture Capital to the more traditional sources of funding.

We deal with start-up and continuing business requirements and our service includes the preparation of budgets and business plans, assisting with the negotiation of facilities, and a strategic analysis of the needs and vision of both you and your company.


Tax Planning & Advice

We offer advice on a Corporate and Personal Level.

Tax planning is a vital ingredient of survival and financial well-being. It is not necessarily what you earn, but what you get to keep that is important.

The ever-increasing complexity of tax legislation, case law and Revenue practice in the United Kingdom makes specialist advice essential.

We have always placed a high priority on tax planning and have a specialist tax department. The current team aim to provide a service that combines pro-activity and advice.

Nearly all business and personal financial decisions have tax implications and it is best to consider the tax position in advance. Quite often with one-off transactions savings can be achieved by using the correct structure.

Tax planning should not just be looked at as a one-off event however. Our involvement in setting up a business structure or estate planning regime and subsequent on-going advice will produce substantial savings in the long term.

Tax Compliance

We aim to identify your compliance requirements and to provide solutions to those requirements.

We can help with:

  • PAYE compliance including annual returns
  • Real Time Information (RTI) processing and submission
  • P11d compliance
  • Other payroll issues


MTD Compliant Computerised Bookkeeping & VAT 

Where clients do not have sufficient expertise or time in their business schedule we provide a book-keeping service. Client’s records will be maintained on our own computers using modern software, which can be tailored to your requirements. Monthly accounts are produced as well as lists of debtors/creditors, comparisons to budget, bank reconciliation’s etc.

VAT compliance and returns are also provided as part of the service. We ensure that all aspects of your VAT requirements are complied with and that your returns are prepared with ample time to meet deadlines.


Payroll Administration

One of the more time consuming and daunting aspects of business administration is the operation of the company payroll.

This necessary administrative role frequently requires expertise, which is not always available to the entrepreneur and growing business, and often produces confidential information that the owners may not want their staff to know.

We operate a payroll bureau service for our clients to help relieve them of this burden, so that they can concentrate on those areas of their business in which they are experts. We will ensure that your payroll is produced on time and that starters, leavers and payroll changes are dealt with efficiently.

We ensure the various statutory deadlines are met, including advising you of the monthly payment of PAYE and NIC.

We ensure you are compliant with Real Time Information (RTI) and at the end of the tax year we will provide P6Os.

Our service provides flexibility not available from the usual Payroll Service Bureaus and a level of confidentiality that is difficult to achieve in-house.


Self-Assessment Personal Taxation Service

We take the trauma out of tax.

Our aim is to give you prompt, personal attention and to take care of your tax affairs in an efficient and effective manner to relieve you of the stress of Self-Assessment.

Our Personal Tax Service includes:

  • Preparation and submission of tax returns
  • Claims and elections
  • Negotiating with HM Revenue & Customs
  • Calculating tax liabilities and repayments
  • Making sure you meet the tax deadlines.


Management Consultancy

Few businesses have sufficient management resources, or indeed the spread of skills, to be able to apply a team of managers, to a strategic task. We can bridge the gap, bringing to the task their existing understanding of the client’s business and the independence of mind of an outsider.

Our objective will be to improve the performance of your business increasing shareholder value. We will work with you so that your ambitions and quality of life can be combined into your strategic planning and development.

Our independence and an unbiased approach allow us to be objective and creative in our advice. This ensures that internal considerations, whilst being taken in to account, do not unduly prejudice our reporting. Often management simply can not see the wood for the trees.

We bring to each assignment our experience and knowledge of your industry, along with expertise from other business sectors. This allows for a more broad-brush view to be taken of your organisation's strengths and opportunities.


Business Development

We are here to help our clients develop their business, and achieve their own ambitions.

Growing businesses are demanding in time and management expertise, they need careful continuous monitoring and they need management to be skillful and flexible in responding to the changes in their business and market sectors from competition, the economic climate, and technological changes. As they grow they need to continually review the way they do business, to match their scale and resources to ensure they correctly;

  • Formulate strategy.
  • Forecast profits and cash-flow.
  • Develop internal financial controls.
  • Prepare business plans.
  • Manage investment or development projects.